Monday, April 07, 2003

I picked up on a thread on 3rd about using TVPI files - what was really being asked for was a plug-in to MyHTPC.
Spent some time tonight understanding a bit about how MyHTPC works ... and made a plug-in for it so that MyHTPC can drive DABDig which in turn drives the rest as usual. I don't know enough about MtHTPC to try it all out - so posted a note to their forum looking for someone to help finish it off.
- Device Steering
Had a note from someone who has been experimenting with more than one device - and naturally hit the issue that both devices would be scheduled to. His solution was to copy the vbe file and make a new dgmarker. That woudl sort of work (if they were in different directories ... because of dabdig.ini) but messy - especially as I have already put in a generalised method to handle that.
Dropped him a note to explain - awaiting feedback.

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