Sunday, February 29, 2004

- Leadtek
Had a request to make control over whether or not recording should be Silent.
Made 2.47b04 to provide it.

Had a request a while ago to make the shutdown of WinTV2K configurable.
Done - with another AllowForceExit control.
Made 2.47b05 to provide it.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Had a report that ATi MMC 8.8 was going completely wrong when I entered schedule information. It now requires that the tuner settings (tint, brightness etc) are stored with the timer entry - this was optional before.
Made a 2.47b03 to provide it.

- Nebula DigiTV
Had a request from someone using Nebula DigiTV in conjunction with Total Recorder to record the "radio". This is because the file format used by Nebula DigiTV is difficult to handle on a simple audio device - has to be post-processed etc.
Problem was that Nebula DigiTV running in FULLSCREEN mode (even when for a radio channel) uses a lot of CPU. So added ability to control the windowing a bit when choosing PLAY. Not a great thing to do if PLAY is used for TV - but at least users can now choose.

- General
Published 2.46b16 (essentially same as 2.46b15 with the Matrox code removed)
Made 2.47b01 to renable the Matrox G450 eTV for anyone still testing it.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Had a request to be able to include "###" in the command line at the end of the file name to enable auto-numbering facility of WinTV2K.
Done (2.46b15) by extending FileNameOrder to allow user to specific any characters anywhere. Could be another way of getting the recording stored into a specific directory.

- VirtualVCR
Had request to add control over forcing exit - 2.46b14

- General
Added a retry on trying to write to log - in fact it is a loop ut set to only go round once. Could make the loop exit configurable if needed in future - 2.46b14
Maybe modify the file handling in general so that all open/write/close goes through similar process.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Might need to change default setting for RecWinStyle - had a report that running it minimised does not work. Might just make it a FAQ entry for now.

- General
A few suggestions received for catching overlapping recordings on Nebula DigiTV but more widely applicable. The principle is more wide reaching.
Also had a suggestion/request to open/close the log file on each event ... making it even less of a chance that running more than one copy will cause the trapped log contention. Made it configurable - 2.46b13

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

- Leadtek WinFast
Enabling the force GUi shutdown option can make the Leadtek software quit before the recording file has been closed properly (on slow machine?). So made the timer configurable. Still recommend not using the facility and explained why in updated FAQ entry. (2.46b12)

Monday, February 02, 2004

- Technotrend DVB
When launching the Technotrend application to show live TV, it does not start in complete full-screen mode. Maybe there is a command line option to do it, but trying the other way of switching to the screen and sending the key sequence to rull full-screen (F ESC). Might not work though because the title of the screen is hidden. (2.46b11 - used same version number as for previous change because I had not sent it to anyone before)

Sunday, February 01, 2004

- Nebula DigiTV
Prompted by someone who is writing some software to drive Nebula DigiTV from a PDA to schedule recordings (and view existing schedule), I made a suggestion about who Nebula DigiTV could make a web interface available via simple URL.
I then added that, speculatively, into DABDig (2.46b11).

- General
Even if 3rd-parties do not add their own web (or other remote) interface to their software, their is no real reason why I could add some ability into DABDig. This would enable the other devices plus might be interesting to do.
I sent an email out to the DABDigNews mailing list to see if anyone was interested.
Text was:
Remote scheduling via email or web

Over the 2 years that DABDig has been available there have been only two or
three users that have requested the ability to submit schedule requests
while out back to their home recording equipment.

I have thought about doing it a few times, but expected that the various
manufacturers would include this ability themselves - or users might uses
Windows Terminal Server or remote control software like VNC to achieve
complete remote control of their home PC.

A few of the devices that I support with DABDig do have a web interface or a
planning to release one soon ... e.g. TiVo (via TiVoWeb), DigiGuide (planned
for next version), myHTPC, Nebula DigiTV (planned for next version).
Some others allow some sort of remote control via client/server (but you
need to install their software on your remote PC) ... e.g. Nebula DigiTV,
DigiGuide (planned for next version).

So - why would I add it to DABDig?
Apart from it being an interesting thing to do, the reason would be that
some users might want to do it but do not know how to set it up or their
software manufacturer has no intention of including it in their software ...
unless perhaps they buy something new. Or, users might not be allowed to
install their own software on remote (probably work) PCs. Or, firewalls
might block things, but scheduling via email (e.g. when hearing about a
program while at work) might be possible.

What do you think?
Would you use such a facility?
Do you already do something like this?
Do you have an always on connection back at you PC with the recording

- Technotrend DVB
The changes I made to switch channels for live viewing worked. (246b10)
Basically it is a simplified command line.
ALso - since this is an immediate switch then changing NOWOFFSET to -1 has the useful side-effect of removing the delay when trying to view a program that has already started. Should not be done for all devices because some will not accept a time that is before "now".