Saturday, August 27, 2005

- Topfield
If the Toppy is used in conjunction with a (slugged) Linksys NSLU2 then it is possible to FTP direct to the Toppy. This can be enabled in DABDig by make 2 one-line edits to the dabdig.ini and creating 2 small text files (that contain the FTP commands). More details are in the next update to the DABDig "manual".
Looks like they have a totally different setup nowadays - at least when using BDA drivers. Will require rewrite within DABDig. Trying to get their software to install locally to try a few things out.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

- DABBar
Had a request to be able to use substitutable parameters within OutputTarget when scheduling to DABBar (so that the show name can be used in the directory name).
This did not work because parameter substitution was not used when writing DABBar schedule.
Made a new version that does. It now means that there are some anomolies - i.e. USADateSyntax and ForceRetune. Plus SupportSecondary just results in a fixed string being appended.
You can force the old way of working by setting the new DABBarSchedLine to an empty string - i.e.