Saturday, April 26, 2003

Made a 2.41b03

- J. River Media Jukebox / Media Center
A multi-media front-end - a bit like myHTPC. Except this is a commercial product.
It can launch various back-end systems, including TV cards.
it also has a scheduler available (in the "Plus" version).
Someone asked if it could be scheduled into from DigiGuide. I had a look and it seemed possible so I did it.

- Nebula DigiTV
Back-to-back recording. Because of the way that DigiTV works - or more particularly, because of the way that I schedule into it when used in the typical way with DigiGuide - if you try to record 2 programmes back-to-back then the 2nd one might not get recorded or even worse it might abort DigiTV during its recording and mess up the 1st. This version has an initial work-around for this (set allowforceexit=3). I might be able to do something a bit better later, but it would be great if Nebula DigiTV read the registry a bit more frequently (like at the end of the currently recording programme). Anyway - first version is out and maybe more to come later.

HDTV (High Definition TV) is USA Digital broadcasting. A "channel" is a combination of 2 things - PSIP-Major and PSIP-Minor - like a channel number and mux stream number.
So - I have extended the TVPI module to support this - since the only HDTV card that I could find included support for TitanTV (TVPI creators).

Now run with /TV+ to push it into Full-Screen if you choose PLAY/WATCH.

- Creative VideoBlaster Digital VCR
Spotted a mistake in timezone offset calculation

- General
Started to put a mechanism in place to have a long-term queue of pending transactions.
Not used it yet - but the reason behind it is that not everyone likes to have DigiGuide maintain the queue and send requests in just a few minutes before the programme starts.

- DigiGuide PVR
First visible signs of real code from DigiGuide. They have made a TV viewer available (stand-alone Beta code for now).
Here for details

Friday, April 25, 2003

Have now made 2.40b05 ... with support for HDTV channels (psip-major/psip-minor)
- Nebula DigiTV
Need to take Favourites into account when setting channel number

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

- myHTPC
I put the calling script onto the myHTPC FTP site last night. Essentially same sort of thing as a DigiGuide dgmarker.
Added /TV+ when PLAYing
- Nebula DigiTV
Changed default channel numbering, on the assumption that most people now using more recent DigiTV with LCN sorting available
Might need to include some extra elements for USA HD-TV (psip). Basically extra info to determine where the channel is in the mux
I let some folks now about my XMLTV channels

Saturday, April 19, 2003

- DigiGuide 6.x and 7.x
Russ finally posted a document with the current thoughts of the DigiGuide team. Looks very good. Turns the DigiGuide suite into a network-aware Digital VCR. Might mean that I can retire DABDig. In the meantime though there always seem to be a few extra bits and pieces that people want ...
Got some feedback saying that the MyHTTC plug-in basically worked - so should document it and put into the package.
- WinTVCap
Just come across this on SourceForge. Yet another way to capture TV from WinVT devices. Has command line options that I could drive. I see also that there is a 2.x coming that has extra command line parameters so that it can be driven directly from DigiGuide. So - driving it from DABDig not necessary, but might do it for completeness - especially for people with multiple devices.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

- Device Steering
Had a response from the user I referred to on 7th April. He tried it out and it worked as designed.
- Leadtek
Andrew replied - things not quite right. Seems to be 1 hour out (USA did change to summertime last week-end). Gave some pointers yesterday and waiting to hear more.

Monday, April 07, 2003

I picked up on a thread on 3rd about using TVPI files - what was really being asked for was a plug-in to MyHTPC.
Spent some time tonight understanding a bit about how MyHTPC works ... and made a plug-in for it so that MyHTPC can drive DABDig which in turn drives the rest as usual. I don't know enough about MtHTPC to try it all out - so posted a note to their forum looking for someone to help finish it off.
- Device Steering
Had a note from someone who has been experimenting with more than one device - and naturally hit the issue that both devices would be scheduled to. His solution was to copy the vbe file and make a new dgmarker. That woudl sort of work (if they were in different directories ... because of dabdig.ini) but messy - especially as I have already put in a generalised method to handle that.
Dropped him a note to explain - awaiting feedback.