Sunday, June 27, 2004

- ProgDVB
myHTPC user request to support a Cancel function with ProgDVB.
Issue is that you cannot change channel while a recording is in progress. User without keyboard access has to do a few operations to stop the recording and then switch channels - would prefer to be able to do it all from within myHTPC (using remote control).
Putting support for Cancel in general has ramifications across all of the supported systems. However, an interim hack is to issue a /StopRecord if ProgDVB is running when trying to switch to a channel. This is not a great solution because there are side-effects .. e.g.
- if you use myHTPC (DABDig) to try to view the same channel that is being recorded then ... the recording will be stopped.
- at the scheduled end of the previous recording ... a background DABDig will kick in and issue a /StopRecord which would be a problem if the user has subsequently startsed to record something else.

Also - if recording Muted and then later you try to watch something then the Mute is still in place. Requested a specific NoMute command from ProgDVB developers.
Might be able to do soemthing though - by issuing another Mute at the end of the recording ... which should toggle it back but becuase it is a toggle command then does not handle situation where end-user chose to un-mute during the recording.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

- Nebula DigiTV
One user having problems with View. Seems to select the wrong channel regardless of setting of the appropriate field in dabdig.ini
All very strange - I cannot yet work out what DigiTV is using as its key for this. It does not appear to be the LCN nor is it the LCN sort order (the number it is using is higher than the LCN) and it is not the Alpabetic sort order (BBC One is still 1).
While looking at the user's registry dump, I could see that there are many channels that are using the 2nd number in the LCN (i.e. bigger than 255). Adapted code to handle this

Also spotted that recent Nebula DigiTV software seem to not remove old timer entries from the registry - but simply clears the channel number. This could mean that DABDig would report that there is no space left but the DigiTV GUI would show that there is plenty. So - added new default (configurable) behaviour to treat timer entries with 0 for a channel number as free for re-use.