Sunday, April 18, 2004

- TwinHan VisionPlus
Had some more feedback about how they use the registry to save the last viewed channel information. Means that my speculative attempt will not work for live viewing .. it will be a bit more complicated to implement because they are using an offset from the start but numbered by type (TV/Radio). This will require additional processing of the favourites file and will need to be a new routine.

Friday, April 09, 2004

- Kworld
The problem field is the date/time - they store it as a floating point number in raw format. No built-in function to handle this ... and coding it from scratch is probably around 1000 lines of code. However, as pointed out by one of the DigiGuide forum users ... some of the bit sequence will be the same for years to come so I could write something smaller that relies on that. However, the challenge of doing a generic floating point handling routine probably means that I will try to go that route.

- TwinHan VisionPlus
A relatively new (to the UK) card at a low price. Looks like it has been available in Australia for a while and some 3rd-party software has been written for it using hte API that TwinHan make available.
The supplied software package (VisionDTV) looks pretty basic. Only 5 recording slots and a poor mechanism for storing the channel number for recordings (if the end-user changes his sort order then then entries are wrong and not fixed up automatically) ... anyway ... have included some initial support for this in build 2.48b11