Saturday, April 19, 2003

- DigiGuide 6.x and 7.x
Russ finally posted a document with the current thoughts of the DigiGuide team. Looks very good. Turns the DigiGuide suite into a network-aware Digital VCR. Might mean that I can retire DABDig. In the meantime though there always seem to be a few extra bits and pieces that people want ...
Got some feedback saying that the MyHTTC plug-in basically worked - so should document it and put into the package.
- WinTVCap
Just come across this on SourceForge. Yet another way to capture TV from WinVT devices. Has command line options that I could drive. I see also that there is a 2.x coming that has extra command line parameters so that it can be driven directly from DigiGuide. So - driving it from DABDig not necessary, but might do it for completeness - especially for people with multiple devices.

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