Wednesday, April 19, 2006

256b29 available

- General
I decided to upload a version of the latest beta of 2.56.
Many of you already have earlier builds of this version. Your current version number is shown at the top of the dabdig.ini

DigiGuide 8.3 is still in Beta - so I have kept back some of the changes (to the marker) that I have been making in preparation for it. The marker in this build of DABDig works will all version of DigiGuide back to 6.x including the 8.3 beta.
However, the next release of the marker will only work with 8.3 and includes some new features that will mean that users no longer have to customise their DABDig.dgmarker if they want to enable the main hidden features. I do not plan to release it until DigiGuide migrates all users from DigiGuide 6.x and 8.2 to 8.3

Note - customised DABDig.dgmarker users (DigiGuide only) - there is a new marker file in this release.
If you have never changed yours (or never had a special release of the marker directly from me) then do not worry. Otherwise - compare with what you already have before you overwrite.
The changes remain backward compatible (back to 6.0)

Special thanks to Oliver and Aaron

- 2.56b29 - 19-Apr-2006
- Reinstate broken support for Matrox eTV - but only for beta builds.
- For TwinHan VisionDTV - most new users should be using the 2.6 version of the TwinHan software so change defaults to match.
- For TwinHan VisionDTV - move the registry path check to be after the INI file setting is checked.
- For WinTVPVR and WinTVCap - allow a command line override for people who always record from same channel source - e.g. a Sky box
- Make configurable the set of allowed characters in file name - so that extended European characters can be used by those that want to.
- Add channel name into list of simple file name substitution fields (FileName fields in dabdig.ini).
- Allow the divider in the title/filename to be specified.
- Allow diagnostic messages to be written to file without going to screen.
- For WinTVCap - allow a wait for exit because when GBRecord is being used as a WinTVCap replacement there is a problem if 2 copies are trying to record at the same time from a single board.
- For Leadtek Winfast - there is a new digital TV device available. Very similar schedule format and new registry key to use.
- For DVBViewer - version 3.2 changed the schedule file format and also added a COM interface including ability to notify On-Screen-Display.
- Make sure that all calls to create objects using SET have previously had the variable DIM'd because it might be the cause of an obscure ActiveX scripting problem when not running as Admin on XP.
- Add parameter substitution for Streaming and Streaming2 via CmdOverride facility.
- Implement the previously documented (but skipped) WebSchedulerURLRadio.
- Add a simple remote execution mechanism.
- Include native HTTP GET operation so that local browser can be avoided (initially for WebScheduler).
- For DVBViewer - add some different handling for when software already running.
- Add EpisodeName as substitutable parameter and optional 13th command line parameter.
- For ProgDVB, make the request to Exit configurable and hence optional.
- For ExternalChannelChanger, make configuration easier for simple installations by adding a base channel number definition and default source.
- For Leadtek - looks like another version of their software does not use registry at all so try to make the use optional by adding configurable path.
- For GBPVR - if specified, then use capture source