Monday, January 07, 2013

BBC DQF Local Radio - Part 2

- BBC Local Radio weekday evenings now consolidated

In a post in late 2011 I wrote about the plans to save money in BBC local radio by having a single show across all of the networks. At that time the idea was to have the show in the afternoon - do you remember the ensuing protests to save Danny Baker's show (BBC London).
Well things changed a bit since then. Danny (along with some other afternoon presenters kept their job - although Danny subsequently found his position axed in late 2012) and the consolidation has happened in the evening slot.
Today it went live. The new show takes the name of the presenter "Mark Forrest".
All of the BBC local radio stations in England and Channel Islands now carry it - but they have opt-outs for local sport or other locally significant news - and for the launch show tonight all but Gloucester and Mersyside were broadcasting it.

Compare this schedule view to the ones that I posted in 2011.

If you listened, what did you think of it?