Thursday, June 30, 2005

- WinTV
Added channel name look-up for WinTVPVR (and WinTV Nova-T USB2) users.

Earlier versions of the Nova-T devices used the Technotrend front-end but the Nova-T USB2 uses an updated version of WinTV2K.
If users do not renumber their channels then they might be confused when the wrong channel gets recorded. Unusually the WinTV2K software, when driving the Nova-T USB2 device, does not use the LCN to sort the channels or to use as an index for recording hence the typical channel numbers do not match.
Made this a configurable option because users who have renumbered within WinTV have no problem.

Thanks to AMacdonald for highlighting this facility.
- DABBar
Some users of DABBar have reported that recording from a different mux to the last used does not always work.
So - added option to request a 1 minute recording from the same channel just before the real recording. This could cause problems for back-to-back recordings from different mux but that is relatively unlikely.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

- MyHD
Started some work on MyHD from Macro Image Technology. It can be driven already by using DABDig's support for TVPI-mode. However, this will not work if DABDig is being run as a background task. Plus - TVPI-mode sometimes requires keyboard strokes to be sent which can get blocked by anti-virus tools (AVG in particular).
The underlying mechanism appears to be very similar to FusionHDTV - i.e. holding the recording schedule in a combination of registry and a database. Have worked out most of the fields and have someone willing to test.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

- DigiGuide
Initial beta of DigiGuide 8.2 was made available today.
The new XML parser that is embedded within it does not like come of the constructs in many existing markers - including DABDig.
So - worked out the differences and managed to re-write parts so that it works with DigiGudie 8.2 while remaining backward compatible.
Made a new 2.54 releasse to get this out quickly.
Since this does change the marker - then anyone who has made their own customisations of the marker will have to make the same changes again.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

- TwinHan VisionDTV
A real bug found - if there is no channel number specified then it could result in a crash. Looks like a problem introduced in 2.53.
No-one had hit it in production because channel numbers were always present ... however, it tripped up one user while trying to do something else.
Decided to fix it and make a full release of the current 2.54 with this fixed.
(254b08 released)

Monday, June 06, 2005

- Archos 400 Series PVR
Saw a request to drive this from DigiGuide - based on appending simple text to a file.
Looked easy enough so done it.