Sunday, March 30, 2003

- Leadtek
Worked out the profile handling for the post-Jan 2003 drivers - they store both the name and number. Made a new beta (2.37b15) and sent over to Andrew to try out.
- Leadtek
The post-Jan 2003 registry format pretty well done now. Able to write most of it out to the registry. Someone else in Canada going down same route has been doing similar decoding. I explained how the Year is encoded. Might get some time tongith to do some more on this.
- DigiGuide
The folks at DigiGuide are well into deciding how to make their own PVR. Looking forward to see what it offers.
Finally ordered one - should arrive next week. It does have a documented HTTP API ... so might do a few things with it just for the hell of it ... e.g. scheduling live streaming from DG.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

- Leadtek
Worked out most of the registry settings in new format. Looks like they do not clear to 0 before starting, hence lots of junk after the 0-terminated strings.
For the old version - had another look for the "Silent Recording" mode - but nowhere on my GUI. Contacted user in USA ... and it is clearly in their GUI in version of software that claims to be the same! Anyway - he dug in registry area that I referred to and found that MTS_Mode setting of 131327 sets silent mode. DABDig already allows controlling of the field (LeadtekTVMTSMode) so looking promising.

- Nebula
User with the odd error message send over traces. I reckon that a previous For loop must have had a problem, but didn't show up because of "On Error". I still think that there might be an inconsistency between his set-up (with Beta DigiTV software) and my channel chooser. Anyway - I put some extra debug statements in and cleared the Err to see what effect it has. Waiting for feedback.

Sent test version out to a UK user who sent me a registry dump this morning.

Friday, March 21, 2003

- Leadtek
New Leadtek user in Canada prompting some more work in this area.
The post-Jan 2003 version of the Leadtek software stores all of it scheduling data in binary key in registry (old version was key per value). This is annoying, but more important ... a problem because I have to work out the syntax plus then put in extension to code becuase currently limited to 4 byte binary values. WMI registry handling looks like the way to handle the long binary values, but might limit which machines this runs on.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

I want to get closure on:
- Leadtek WinFast stuff - still some annoying side-effects, but can't really test without the hardware.
- ATi MMC. Basics all worked out but without a couple of genuine registry dumps it is a bit hard. Remembered that Mike F has one so dropped him a note
- Someone out there having some problems with Nebula DigiTV. Posted via NNTP and email copy but no reply yet. Could be because he is using a Beta of Nebula 2.0, but I suspect that it is more to do with either registry key not being in place yet or not set up a channel number.