Sunday, September 26, 2004

- General
Made an external release - 251b20.
Removed the parts that were still in development.
If you were testing/using an earlier 2.51 release and want to keep using it then send me a note and you can have a 2.52 beta with the functionality enabled again.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

- ChrisTV
Had a request to add support for ChrisTV.
I looked at this back in December 2003. Back then there was a plan for a future version to include a command line interface, but it looks like it did not happen.
However, there is now a ChrisTV scheduling agent that works of a text file - so made a new version that can write to that file. In theory it should also be possible to support live viewing that way - but it is a bit clumsy. Needs more investigation to improve it. Anyway - first version of DABDig made and passed to requestor to test.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Another PVR solution that has UK users suffering from the outage of the XMLTV Radio Times grabber is GB-PVR (from New Zealand).
A user posted a query which I replied to - and as a result I had a look at the database tables that it uses for scheduling recording. Didn't look very hard to add new entries into it ... so added in the basics.
Have hard-coded a few things for now - but fundamentally it looks right.
As always - now need some users to give some feedback to see if what I have done really works in their configuration.
Have also posted a note in the GB-PVR forums - just in case the developer is not happy with such an approach (for example - there could be cleaner and more supportable ways to do it.)

Sunday, September 12, 2004

- WebScheduler
There is a problem (short-term) with the XMLTV grabber for the UK (from the Radio Times site). This lead to a user of that to ask if DigiGuide could drive WebScheduler.
WebScheduler is a utility that can drive some DVB cards - some of which are already supported by DABDig but everyone can choose whatever they want of course!
A had a quick look at it and could see that it was pretty likely that it could be driven by DigiGuide directly by using a conventional Marker Alert. Worked out the probable syntax but it turns out that WebScheduler counts months from 0 - so made a quick update to DABDig so that it could fire a modified URL at it.
Yet another hack - but will basically work. Just waiting for the requester to make direct contact so that I can send a copy to try.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

- WinTVCap
Had a request for a few things:
  • Support multi-board installations
  • Be able to override recording quality settings per programme
  • Do not insist on stopping WinTVCap if already running

The last one is now the default operation for DABDig because modern versions of WinTVCap can handle being run twice (for same board) - by closing first recording and starting the new one.
All done (251b12 and 251b13)