Saturday, April 26, 2003

Made a 2.41b03

- J. River Media Jukebox / Media Center
A multi-media front-end - a bit like myHTPC. Except this is a commercial product.
It can launch various back-end systems, including TV cards.
it also has a scheduler available (in the "Plus" version).
Someone asked if it could be scheduled into from DigiGuide. I had a look and it seemed possible so I did it.

- Nebula DigiTV
Back-to-back recording. Because of the way that DigiTV works - or more particularly, because of the way that I schedule into it when used in the typical way with DigiGuide - if you try to record 2 programmes back-to-back then the 2nd one might not get recorded or even worse it might abort DigiTV during its recording and mess up the 1st. This version has an initial work-around for this (set allowforceexit=3). I might be able to do something a bit better later, but it would be great if Nebula DigiTV read the registry a bit more frequently (like at the end of the currently recording programme). Anyway - first version is out and maybe more to come later.

HDTV (High Definition TV) is USA Digital broadcasting. A "channel" is a combination of 2 things - PSIP-Major and PSIP-Minor - like a channel number and mux stream number.
So - I have extended the TVPI module to support this - since the only HDTV card that I could find included support for TitanTV (TVPI creators).

Now run with /TV+ to push it into Full-Screen if you choose PLAY/WATCH.

- Creative VideoBlaster Digital VCR
Spotted a mistake in timezone offset calculation

- General
Started to put a mechanism in place to have a long-term queue of pending transactions.
Not used it yet - but the reason behind it is that not everyone likes to have DigiGuide maintain the queue and send requests in just a few minutes before the programme starts.

- DigiGuide PVR
First visible signs of real code from DigiGuide. They have made a TV viewer available (stand-alone Beta code for now).
Here for details

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