Thursday, January 29, 2004

- Technotrend DVB
Since this currently works by looking up station names then I need to have a look at including some extra diagnostics (or at least info in the web page) and also work out why myHTPC is not sending the station name .. hopefully just a config problem in default myHTPC set-up.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Had a request to rename the recorded file after completion. This is because the AVerMedia stuff does not allow direct control of the file name and invents a name based on current day/time.

- Technotrend DVB
Do not forget to work out how to support switching channels for live viewing.

- mythtv
Might be able to support scheduling into the this Linux application ... have offered and am waiting for any takers. Reason - the Ananova site no longer offers TV listings which means that UK users are without a fast source (Radio Times is slow when getting listings with details). However, DigiGuide running under Wine on Linux might be a workable way to schedule things for that user base.
Meanwhile, XMLTV folks trying to write a new grabber to get the data from the site I gave them a while back but I suspect that this might start blocking access if too many people use it.

Monday, January 19, 2004

- Nebula DigiTV
Had a report that when DigiTV exits (perhaps should really be referring to it minimising) focus is not returned to myHTPC. Maybe I could force it to be restored by waiting until end of scheduled programme and then setting focus to configurable program.
Might be something that could be done by end-user themselves with the postprocess function .. if there is some sort of "setfocus" command line executable.
- Nebula DigiTV
Had another look at setting the output directory per recording - for people that want the station name included in path. Problem remains with setting it back to the right value at the end because DigiTV keeps copy of the registry on start-up and writes it back on exit ... so would have to stop DigiTV at the end of the show which is dangerous since it might not have closed the recorded file etc. (2.46b09)

Monday, January 12, 2004

- General
Just worked out why auto-detection not working on initial install for some devices. Problem was that when I introduced the RegUnable field into dabdig.ini to handle non-English Windows I had not allowed for having no configuration for this field - which would be the case on first run since dabdig.ini would not yet have been created. Fixed in 2.46b05 and possibly important enough to put in 2.45 unless I release 2.46 soon.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

- General Scheduling
Found the real cause for the problem that someone was having with the Windows Scheduler ... the command line length.
Looks like WMI has a limit of around 260 characters (interestingly not 255/256). So - removed the code that puts in quotes (since it makes it slightly longer) and used a "DOS-Legal" directory name instead ... which should make it shorter again.

- Matrox
Someone wants to test the Matrox stuff - so sent a new version (2.46b02) with running of PC-VCRScheduler included.
Looks like he has a different version of the software because it installs to a different location - maybe this version of the Matrox software that is being used will not crash the machine ...

Sunday, January 04, 2004

- Matrox G450 eTV
Removed the ability to use this code in 2.45b45 to make it a public release.
Too dangerous to release to anyone but Beta testers because it seems to crash the PC if the Matrox software is running at the same time.
Started a 2.46 release set and reinstated support in there.

- General Scheduling
It is possible to make DABDig use the Windows Scheduler. This has a potential benefit of allowing suspended PCs to be woken up. However, the WMI interface that I use can not set the flag to request a wake up. A bit of digging around revealed another way of doing it. So - will probably add support for this way and then also make some more generic code so that the Windows Scheduler can be used for devices that I currently do use it for (i.e. devices that have their own scheduling). The benefit of this is that all devices might get suspend/hibernate/resume support. If it is to be used for waking up the PC then should also include some extra code to make the event a few minutes before the real scheduling to give time to start up. Might also need to allow username/password to be specified for XP systems that start from cold boot.
Also - put quotes around command when scheduling to Windows Scheduler.

- General
Made 2.45b45 public release.