Sunday, October 09, 2011

BBC DQF Local Radio

- BBC DQF and Local Radio

The BBC DQF* proposals include significant changes for BBC Local Radio.
The main change is for those that listen in the afternoon.
One plan is to reduce the number of different shows that are on around the country and, for example, have nearby regions share a show.

I have attached 2 pictures - from my BBC Local Radio listings. The first show the afternoon and the second the evening.
You will see that there is already a lot of "show sharing" in the evenings - so I guess that the afternoons will end up looking somewhat similar - in other words the shows become less "local".

If you do listen, or know people that do, or if you have other reasons for caring about this (whether agreeing or disagreeing) then BBC is wants feedback at

You can see the two screenshots by clicking on the image below