Wednesday, December 13, 2006

TwinHan VisionDTV

- TwinHan VisionDTV
TwinHan have changed the format of their channel listings file in version 2.6.5 of their software (might have been done slightly earlier, but the first report I had of problems was with this version).
So, if you have upgraded your TwinHan software from a previously working DABDig/VisionDTV installtion or you are a first time user with new TwinHan software then modify your dabdig.ini as follows:

(note - newer versions of VisionDTV might need different numbers)

Also - TwinHan added a new optional) field into their schedule. Called ProgarmName (sic). So - I have added support for this and potentially other new fields in the future by a new configuration item in dabdig.ini - called VisionDTVExtraFields


Monday, December 04, 2006

Parameter Substitution

- Parameter Substitution
Added leading zero for single digit end date/time fields so that it is consistent with start date/time and makes better looking fields when used in file names.
This could potentially affect some devices that take the textual end date/time as a parameter, butI have reviewed them and I think it is OK because they seem to accept 2 digit fields in the start date/time.