Thursday, November 06, 2008

New multi-function devices on the way

- New multi-function devices on the way

Both Tangent and Pure have new devices that seem to be coming out in time for, what I am sure they hope to be, a Christmas sales rush.
Both have internet radio, plus DAB and FM also with the ability to play from a USB attached disk and support for playing your own music held on the home LAN.

The new Tangent model, NET-200, is another Reciva-based radio - like their Quattro.
Tangent NET-200

This time it looks somewhat like my old Audiotron that I referred to in an earlier posting. It is a component hi-fi sized device - with no speakers. So, you add this into your existing hi-fi (including via a digital-out) or add powered speakers.
More details at the Tangent site.

Pure's second internet radio is the Avanti Flow.
Pure Avanti Flow
This does have speakers - and an iPod dock.

Both are towards the top-end of the price range for people who are simply looking for internet radio - but they do provide more than that.