Friday, December 16, 2005


- WinTVCap
If using GBRecord as a direct replacement for WinTVCap then there is a potential issue with recording consecutive or overlapping programmes.
With WinTVCap it seems to close the current file and start the new one without a problem.
With GBRecord it looks like if there is a slight overlap then the 2nd programme gets cut at the end of the scheduled recording of the 1st programme. Not 100% sure that this is the cause - but put some code in place to wait for GBRecord to exit before issuing the new command.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Allow a command line override for people who always record from same channel source - e.g. a Sky box

- General
Make configurable the set of allowed characters in file name - so that extended European characters can be used by those that want to.
Add channel name into list of simple file name substution fields (FileName fields in dabdig.ini)
Allow the divider in the title/filename to be specified - default to a minus-sign as before.


Saturday, December 03, 2005

- TwinHan VisionDTV
Changed the installation defaults to match a TwinHan 2.6 software release since new installations are likely to be running that. Modified the documentation to help users with old TwinHan versions to change the settings back.
This will not change existing settings for someone that is upgrading - i.e. it remains backwards compatible.

- General
Decided to release 2.55 version.
Took curent 255b18, removed most of the non-supported pieces that are still in development/testing and made a new 255b19.