Thursday, December 11, 2003

- WinTVCap
Viewing was not working for one user with WinTVCap enabled. He tried to get it going by also enabling WinTVPVR but (as expected) this resulted in problems since both would be competing for same resource when recording.
DABDig already knew that WinTVCap could not do live recording, so it launched WinTV anyway. Problem was that the user had WinTVCap and WinTV2K in different directories so DABDig could not launch it.
Easy change for user - copy WinTVCap to the WinTV directory.
Changed software anyway to add a new optional configuration item to specify where WinTV2K is when using WinTVCap. Also added a FAQ entry to cover it just in case someone else hits same issue. Build 2.45B39 but not released.

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