Saturday, December 06, 2003

- Technotrend
Back in March I did some brief investigation into what was then a new release of teh Technotrend software that allowed the cards to be driven to make recording via command line.
There were reports that the software was not stable and no-one specifically asked for it ... so I did not persue it further.
However, request came up yesterday on myHTPC ... so I dug out the old material and put a quick version together and declared it available to people who ask by email. What I don't know yet is the syntax for the channel ids and exactly how to convert meaningful channel numbers into the syntax that Technotrend require ... but basics work.
Someone with one of the devices is trying it out.

- Nebula DigiTV
Looks like things might have slightly changed again in the 3.10 Beta concerning how I force it to tune to a particular channel. Modified the code to add a new configuration item so that both old and new way can be used and waiting for feedback from a Nebula user ... although my testing implies that it will work fine.

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