Wednesday, June 04, 2008

DABDig 259b26 release coming soon

- DABDig 259b26 release coming soon

I decided to make a release - bundling up all of the updates from the last few months.
Some of this is experimental since there were not many people who tried it some of the requested features so get in touch if something new does not do what you expected.

- For ATiMMC there is a digital-only device which has different registry settings - start to adapt.
- For ChrisTV the date field follows local Windows settings so make it configurable.
- For WinTVPVR - set default recording windows style back to Restore (WinTVPVRRecWinStyle=1) because running it maximised prevents recording with some versions of Win2K.
- Add experimental support for Microsoft Media Center Edition (MSMCE).
- Add substitutions for GMT start and end date/time.
- For GBPVR - Added optional Priority field because it looks like new versions of GBPVR require it.
- For GBPVR - Added conversion_profile.
- For GBPVR - Added call to new function to force recording schedule to reload because recent GBPVR versions no longer use a timer to poll database.
- Add a general ability to mess around with the timezone when working on UTC date times.
- Added support for automatic detection of WinTV background recorder (BGRecorder).
- Apply InternalWebSend to Nebula DigiTV to provide more control when web-based scheduling is used.
- For Topfield - Add support for substitutions in file names to make it easier to use MyStuff TAP.
- Add support for DVBDream.
- For DVBViewer - add support for parameter passing on record requests.

This also includes the features from 2.58 that I made available to some people but did not announce - namely:
Add new substitutions - for Tab ($HT) and Null ($NU).
- For TiVoWeb - allow parameter substitution so that extra fields can be inserted.
- Put leading zero in the end date/time fields - for people using the substitution facility.
- Note - this might have an unexpected effect on some devices that take textual date/time fields.
- but initial checks of them look OK. If recordings used to work and now do not with this version then this might be the reason so let me know quickly!
- For TwinHan VisionDTV - new field mechanism to add/replace fields in schedule file to support new in VisionDTV 2.65 ProgarmName (sic).
- Add parameter substitution D2 and E2 for 2 digit start and end year.
- Start to add Compro Videomate

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