Saturday, November 08, 2003

- TiVo
Had a request from an existing user ... asking if it could be possible to schedule recordings into a (hacked) TiVo. Looks like it is pretty straight-forward via the manrec application. This is a TCL module that runs like other TiVo Web modules .. within the TiVo. Basics done and sent over to him to try out (245b20).

- Nebula DigiTV
Nebula replied during the week to say that they thought that my suggestion concerning registry handling was OK and that they will look at putting it in soon after 3.10 is released. They also confirmed that the multi-device stuff does not change the way that scheduling works. DigiTV makes its own decision on which card is free for use at the time of recording/playing.

Mike says that Play is working fine but Record is just leaving hte WinTV2K application minimised and doing nothing ... but works find when he runs the same command from command line. Will make selectable the way that I window it.

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