Sunday, October 26, 2003

- AVerMedia AVerTV DVB-T
Started adding some code ... the recording shcedule is stored in a binary file. Not too hard to work out enough. Basic version sent to tester. Cannot test that the scheduled events get picked up without having the hardware but it looks promising.
Their scheduler reads the data on startup - so will need a stop/start to pick it up. Have included the code for that but disabled by default for now.

Added some details about DABDig into the plug-in section on myHTPC. I wasn't listed as an author previously so couldn't publish into that area. Now needs someone to add a link to it from the plug-in page.

- Matrox G450 eTV
Another tester feedback ... looks like his set-up is different or I missed something. The original problem with their scheduler crashing the machine persists on his system. Waiting for some registry dumps to check it.

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