Friday, September 19, 2003

Thinking again about making the source generally available. I still want to make updates as requirements pop-up - but maybe others would also like to do same. Question then would be ... what licence type (if any) to put on the code.

- Nebula
3.031 is out and they have added abilty to skip internet checks when run from timer ... transparent to me since it is DigiSvc that does the running.
Looks like they have also had a problem with choosing the right channel from their own Timer/EPG screen when user chooses to sort by Favorites. However, quick test suggest that they are still storing the request using the absolute channel number (which was new in recent versions) ... so no change for me.
Loks like they do have an issue with file naming when there are non-DOS-legal characters in title .. so change default setting to 2 (from 0) just to make it less likely that people experiment with setting it to 1.

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