Saturday, March 22, 2003

- Leadtek
Worked out most of the registry settings in new format. Looks like they do not clear to 0 before starting, hence lots of junk after the 0-terminated strings.
For the old version - had another look for the "Silent Recording" mode - but nowhere on my GUI. Contacted user in USA ... and it is clearly in their GUI in version of software that claims to be the same! Anyway - he dug in registry area that I referred to and found that MTS_Mode setting of 131327 sets silent mode. DABDig already allows controlling of the field (LeadtekTVMTSMode) so looking promising.

- Nebula
User with the odd error message send over traces. I reckon that a previous For loop must have had a problem, but didn't show up because of "On Error". I still think that there might be an inconsistency between his set-up (with Beta DigiTV software) and my channel chooser. Anyway - I put some extra debug statements in and cleared the Err to see what effect it has. Waiting for feedback.

Sent test version out to a UK user who sent me a registry dump this morning.

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