Saturday, August 05, 2006


- TiVoWeb
The manrec application that DABDig calls has been updated a few times by various people since the DABDig support for it was introduced long ago.
Once of the new features means that it can be called with a textual date rather than seconds since 1970. Does not really matter for DABDig since it already does the calculation using absolute time but allowing this new field could make the URL more configurable from the dabdig.ini
A second new field is space for episode information, e.g. title or series/episide number. Incorporating this is easy enough (at least the series/episode numbers) but the problem is doing it in a way that does not send meaningless stuff when there is no series/episode information to pass - but again - possible to do.

Not started on this yet - so this is here as a memory jogger.

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