Monday, November 13, 2006

257b12 is now available

Decided to make a release of the various changes.

So - 257b12 is now available.

- General - Allow time-delayed retries on failed internal send of URL.
- Nebula - add the new (3.5.21) PostTime/PreTime fields just in case future versions of their software rely on it being present.
- WebScheduler - switch from using the programme name to FileNamePartial.
- GBPVR - add more flexibility in handling channel name.
- OnlineTVRecorder - Add support for OnlineTVRecorder.
- General - Allow double-quote in synopsis to be converted because it can break external systems when passed as a parameter.
- TiVoWeb - allow configuration of length of synopsis sent to TiVoWeb.
- Nebula - make the executable name configurable to support the HD version (and also version 3.7 of DigiTV).
- WinTVPVR - add mechanism to minimise an already open window via AutoItX.
- General - Add more generic flexibility in recorded file name so that all devices can benefit from the Substitution facility.

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