Thursday, August 03, 2006


- TiVoWeb
The manrec application that works with TiVoWeb has maximum sizes for textual fields - e.g. description and title are set to 40 characters.

This can mean that these fields get truncated by DABDig before sent over.
One user wants to correlate information from TiVoWeb/manrec with the post-processing function in DABDig. However, because of generic descriptions, it is possible that two different shows will have the same first 40 characters in the description.
So - the user has made a modification to manrec (or some other PHP script) to be able to accept more than 40 characters but then to truncate later in the process for the TiVo.
So -I changed DABDig so that the maximum length that DABDig sends to TiVoWeb/manrec can be configured.
Note - it is possible that a very long description could fail to be sent over via the HTTP Post operation.
Anyway - change made

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