Saturday, July 03, 2004

- TwinHan VisionDTV
Timing issue when closing tasks - if the task exits (for some other reason) between getting list of tasks and closing it down then it resulted in an uncaught exception.
Modified code to handle it.
In theory it could have happened where that I stop tasks but very small window and I think influenced by the fact that there are multiple tasks in VisionDTV and perhaps stopping one made another exit by itself later. Only reported once by one user. (250b11)

Started working on examining and implementing - but I think that it will not be very successful because they have a background task that is checking a Microsoft format database for scheduled entries.
Might be possible to write to it (perhaps using MDAC) but quite a bit of extra work.
However, the registry is used a bit so might be able to fool the main recording task into doing things.
Has support for TVPI/TVVI files - but cannot get it to read them in. I suspect that it only takes the encrypted ones that TitanTV generates nowadays.
Live viewing/channel switching will probably have to be via keystrokes unless I can get the TVVI working.

For HDTV users, need to add support for "Stream" that TitanTV can generate. Means extending the parameter set that already include PSIP-Major and PSIP-Minor.

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