Sunday, July 25, 2004

- Nebula DigiTV
Had a fault report saying that DABDig reported that it could not access the timer section of the Nebula DigiTV registry - but the scheduled recordings worked fine from the Nebula GUI. My guess is that the recordings (etc) are being stored in local memory of DigiTV and only flushed to the registry on exit. The installation is probably new ... and DigiTV has never being asked to exit while there were still recordings on queue. If that is right - then the easy solution for users is to schedule something in DigiTV and then exit from it (including the sleeping module).
Have now included code to create the "missing" key. The danger is that there really is something queued using and that my entry will overwrite it or not be detected.
Ideally .. Nebula should flush out their settings to the registry a bit more frequently - but that is an old request.
Build new version to create key anyway (251b06).

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