Monday, July 12, 2004

Had a request to be able to control ATi MMC from a remote PC (because recent DigiGuide seems to be using more CPU and making recordings stutter).
This sort of thing is more achievable with devices that support simply writing to a schedule file. In this case .. teh ATi schedule is held in the registry plus it might be necessary to stop/start tasks.
Remote control of the PC might be possible - but a relatively easy addition would be to make DABDig take a command line from a file (this is safer then pushing batch files over with the full command-line because someone could deliberately sabotage the system that way).
Including code to remain active and poll for a file is not great though because of the possibility of global variables not supporting being used twice (2nd run in loop).
Having an additional support task that listened on a port would be even better ... but would probably have to use a different programming language.
(251b02 includes ability to run using @filename)

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