Friday, March 20, 2009

New internet radio from Myine - ira


Massimo Baldini of Myine Electronics (Ferndale, Michigan, USA) replied to an email that I sent back in January to ask about this new device. The reply came recently to say that their new internet radio was nearly ready to ship ... and today an official announcement to say it is now available.

The form-factor is somewhat like a Logitech Squeezebox Classic - and like that device, it does not have its own built-in speakers.
Myine ira

So - connect up via RCA to powered speakers or hi-fi amp - set the wi-fi parameters (no Ethernet on this one) and off you go.
I think that the radio database is powered by a customised version of the vTuner system.
It comes with a remote control (and no local controls) - and has a fairly large (for this sort of device) white/blue LCD display.

Listed at 150 USD - with more details over at:
(the user guide is in the Help section)

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greg said...

So far good reviews on Amazon for this product...