Friday, March 20, 2009

Do you want everyone to know what you record?

- DABDig and Twitter
More for a bit of fun than a serious practical use, I have added some support for posting to Twitter from DABDig.
So - if you are automating your recordings
- e.g. DigiGuide -> DABDig -> Windows TV software
then you can now send info about what you are recording to your Twitter account (or in theory to other web-based services with an equally simple interface).

Maybe it will remind someone to switch to watch the same thing. I think I'll add the facility to hide shows by name though just in case people do not want some of their guilty pleasures highlighted (e.g. "Desperate Housewives" gets timeshifted here).

You can see some examples in Twitter

I have not released this test version of DABDig yet - but if you already have a released version up and running and you have a Twitter account and fancy sharing your recording details with the rest of the Twitter-world (not the shows themselves - just info about them) then contact me (address is at the top of your dabdig.ini).

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