Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Leadtek and DVBViewer

- Leadtek Winfast
Some progress on the revised file format.
Spent some time over last couple of evenings and after a few file exchanges via email I am pretty sure that I have worked out what they have done with their new structure. It is pretty well the same as before but they have done some horrible things - e.g. storing data about the offset of the channel within a Mux and the Mux number - and then storing somewhere else an identifier for the mux and the channel.
Ultimately it will require some automatic parsing of one of their configuration file - but the stupid thing is that on a rescan the file gets re-written and part-time channels that are not broadcasting are lost from the file.

- DVBViewer
I have not had any requests from users for the DVBviewer interface since I first wrote it for someone. My guess is that there are very few users of it - perhaps only one. But a new request has come through from someone else because he could not get it to work. What has happened is that DVBViewer Pro 3.2 has a different interface. The data is pretty much the same as in the old Technisat version but is now in an XML file and has a couple of extra fields. They have also added a COM interface.
So question is - which way to go. Handle the new file format or go with COM.
Initially I thought I would stay file based but since the COM mechanism allows updates to the schedule without having to stop/start DVBViewer then it is probably the best way to go.

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