Thursday, January 12, 2006

Leadtek and DVBViewer - part 2

- Leadtek Winfast
The Leadtek Winfast DTV1000 looks like it is now close to working. There were about 5 fields in the record that have either changed meaning or needed to be set-up.
Now need to parse their channel list file to perform lookups - this will be a bit complicated as the file format is a bit convoluted - but at least it is all in plain text.

- DVBViewer
DVBViewr Pro 3.2.6 is now working. I went the COM route in the end. Turned out to be quite easy. However, they take the date using the local settings of the PC. For now I have made the syntax configurable but really should do it automatically and allow an override.
Handling the new text format does not seem so important for now because the free Technisat version still seems to use the old format.

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