Sunday, February 01, 2004

- Nebula DigiTV
Prompted by someone who is writing some software to drive Nebula DigiTV from a PDA to schedule recordings (and view existing schedule), I made a suggestion about who Nebula DigiTV could make a web interface available via simple URL.
I then added that, speculatively, into DABDig (2.46b11).

- General
Even if 3rd-parties do not add their own web (or other remote) interface to their software, their is no real reason why I could add some ability into DABDig. This would enable the other devices plus might be interesting to do.
I sent an email out to the DABDigNews mailing list to see if anyone was interested.
Text was:
Remote scheduling via email or web

Over the 2 years that DABDig has been available there have been only two or
three users that have requested the ability to submit schedule requests
while out back to their home recording equipment.

I have thought about doing it a few times, but expected that the various
manufacturers would include this ability themselves - or users might uses
Windows Terminal Server or remote control software like VNC to achieve
complete remote control of their home PC.

A few of the devices that I support with DABDig do have a web interface or a
planning to release one soon ... e.g. TiVo (via TiVoWeb), DigiGuide (planned
for next version), myHTPC, Nebula DigiTV (planned for next version).
Some others allow some sort of remote control via client/server (but you
need to install their software on your remote PC) ... e.g. Nebula DigiTV,
DigiGuide (planned for next version).

So - why would I add it to DABDig?
Apart from it being an interesting thing to do, the reason would be that
some users might want to do it but do not know how to set it up or their
software manufacturer has no intention of including it in their software ...
unless perhaps they buy something new. Or, users might not be allowed to
install their own software on remote (probably work) PCs. Or, firewalls
might block things, but scheduling via email (e.g. when hearing about a
program while at work) might be possible.

What do you think?
Would you use such a facility?
Do you already do something like this?
Do you have an always on connection back at you PC with the recording

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