Saturday, February 21, 2004

Had a report that ATi MMC 8.8 was going completely wrong when I entered schedule information. It now requires that the tuner settings (tint, brightness etc) are stored with the timer entry - this was optional before.
Made a 2.47b03 to provide it.

- Nebula DigiTV
Had a request from someone using Nebula DigiTV in conjunction with Total Recorder to record the "radio". This is because the file format used by Nebula DigiTV is difficult to handle on a simple audio device - has to be post-processed etc.
Problem was that Nebula DigiTV running in FULLSCREEN mode (even when for a radio channel) uses a lot of CPU. So added ability to control the windowing a bit when choosing PLAY. Not a great thing to do if PLAY is used for TV - but at least users can now choose.

- General
Published 2.46b16 (essentially same as 2.46b15 with the Matrox code removed)
Made 2.47b01 to renable the Matrox G450 eTV for anyone still testing it.

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