Sunday, January 04, 2004

- Matrox G450 eTV
Removed the ability to use this code in 2.45b45 to make it a public release.
Too dangerous to release to anyone but Beta testers because it seems to crash the PC if the Matrox software is running at the same time.
Started a 2.46 release set and reinstated support in there.

- General Scheduling
It is possible to make DABDig use the Windows Scheduler. This has a potential benefit of allowing suspended PCs to be woken up. However, the WMI interface that I use can not set the flag to request a wake up. A bit of digging around revealed another way of doing it. So - will probably add support for this way and then also make some more generic code so that the Windows Scheduler can be used for devices that I currently do use it for (i.e. devices that have their own scheduling). The benefit of this is that all devices might get suspend/hibernate/resume support. If it is to be used for waking up the PC then should also include some extra code to make the event a few minutes before the real scheduling to give time to start up. Might also need to allow username/password to be specified for XP systems that start from cold boot.
Also - put quotes around command when scheduling to Windows Scheduler.

- General
Made 2.45b45 public release.

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