Saturday, January 24, 2004

Had a request to rename the recorded file after completion. This is because the AVerMedia stuff does not allow direct control of the file name and invents a name based on current day/time.

- Technotrend DVB
Do not forget to work out how to support switching channels for live viewing.

- mythtv
Might be able to support scheduling into the this Linux application ... have offered and am waiting for any takers. Reason - the Ananova site no longer offers TV listings which means that UK users are without a fast source (Radio Times is slow when getting listings with details). However, DigiGuide running under Wine on Linux might be a workable way to schedule things for that user base.
Meanwhile, XMLTV folks trying to write a new grabber to get the data from the site I gave them a while back but I suspect that this might start blocking access if too many people use it.

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