Friday, September 04, 2009

Pure Siesta Flow

- Pure Siesta Flow
Pure used the IFA event in Berlin to officially launch their new Siesta Flow.
Word had come out a few weeks ago through a financial analyst briefing
"There will be a range of new products announced at IFA in Germany in 3 weeks - we were able to see a few in the Pure demo room but not all - we will have a new Siesta bedside radio with I-pod docker- neat- also a Siesta Flow with internet functionality".
I've been waiting for more material to arrive - and now it has ...

So - what is it?
Basically - it is a 100GBP bedside radio with internet connectivity. Using the same internet radio database as the other Flow models - Pure Lounge.

It has DAB and FM - plus can take input from external source - and can supply power out to a USB socket (e.g. to charge your phone) ... just in case you only have one power socket by the bed!

Pocket-Lint have a good photo - so I'll link to their article until Pure do their own official site update
Pocket-Lint article

Should be available soon (this year).

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