Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reciva adds native Live365 support

- Live365 from the device menu
It has been possible to play Live365 stations on Reciva devices for a long time - but with some limitations.

The stations had to be submitted to the database (or via the local My Streams) rather than being collected directly from Live365.
While "Professional" Live365 stations could be added easily enough, there had to be work-arounds to get the regular Live365 stations to work - and the VIP "Preferred" stations were more difficult again because Live365 requires the end-user to be a paying subscriber.

Other internet streaming devices, such as Logitech (ex Slimdevices) Squeezebox have had Live365 support for a long time.
Now Reciva has provided a free upgrade (initially for users of Grace Digital versions of the Reciva radios, but presumably with others to come as the brands approve it) to extend the menus to provide native access to Live365 - so that means 6,000+ more stations to try out!

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