Saturday, January 10, 2009

TEAC internet radio finally reaches the shores

- TEAC internet radio finally reaches the shores
Announced back in August 2008 was the TEAC Reference 380. A mini hi-fi with numerous components. List price around 500GBP. The tuner (T-H380DNT) - available separately for around 240GBP features FM, DAB and internet. The internet part is not mentioned very much - and I still have not seen the manual for it (it was still not on the TEAC UK site in early January). UPDATE: Manual now on-line.
The big brother system - the Reference 600 also has internet radio.

No hints about which internet radio database it is using - but since they usually source their DAB from Frontier Silicon then I presume it will be vTuner like the rest of the FS-based devices. UPDATE: Confirmed from the user manual

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