Friday, May 23, 2008

Vista SP1 and XP SP3

- Vista SP1 and XP SP3
There is a reported bug introduced by the recent service packs from Microsoft.
It is to do with the way that VBScript processes dates.
It is possible that this will have an effect on some of the scheduling performed by DABDig.
It is related to the date handling routines. In general, DABDig handles the date in a non-locale specific form so that the same code runs everywhere, but this newly introduced bug might cause some problems.
If it proves to be a problem for end-users and if Microsoft do not release an update soon then I will put in a generic workaround.

More about this here:

Let me know via Comments to this post if this affects you (in more than simple presentation ways).

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Paul Webster said...

MS released a bug fix in mid-July 2008 - and made it available through Windows Update.