Sunday, February 26, 2006


- TopfieldViaJag
Aborigine was kind enough to send me a note about his success with using DABDig and version 3.0 beta of Jag's EPG in LCN mode.

If anyone else wants to run it this way then it just needs 4 simple changes to the dabdig.ini file.

The potential benefit for an existing user is that new channels coming to the platform or any more channel renumbering have an even better chance of working without further update.
For new users - setting this waay should lead to getting up and running more quickly because it by-passes the issue of channel names in DigiGuide not always being the same as used over-the-air by the broadcasters.

The changes to the dabdig.ini are:
TopfieldViaJagFindChanName from 1 to 0
TopfieldViaJagChanLength from 4 to 6

TopfieldViaJagSyntaxRec from

TopfieldViaJagSyntaxPlay from

The thread about the new version of Jag's EPG is over on the UK Toppy forum.

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