Sunday, November 14, 2004

- ChrisTV
Had first input from someone trying to use this new support.
Two issues reported.

  • His PC was set for Chinese language and the software failed to run completely.
  • The Date/Time syntax on the PC affects the way that ChrisTV processes the schedule data

My suspicion is that the MS VBScript processor can not handle .vbe files when machine is set to Chinese. Have suggested some things to try to test that.
The date/time syntax is a bit annoying - but made a quick change to allow specification of dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy in the output file for ChrisTV. Proper way to do it is to examine and use what is configured for the PC - but will have to wait a bit before I get round to doing that. Looks like it also wants AM/PM for start time if PC configured that way. Backburner stuff for now as user can easily reconfigure the PC for 24-hour clock.

- DVBViewer
First feedback from tester of DVBViewer interface. Largely works - but seems a bit hit and miss. Not sure if it is me, the way it was tested or the DVBViewer software.
Made some suggestions to narrow it down.
Saw the GUI of the commercial version. Basically the same interface for scheduling (including file format) but a few extra options. One is that it can be configured re-encode radio stations (audio) to MP3 so made that configurable by station type.
For now the station type is specified to DABDig on its command line - but ultimately should work out the format of the DVBViewer channels database and determine station type automatically.
Added code to handle the timer group missing from the DVBViewer config file - it looks like it can be removed by DVBViewer on exit if no scheduled events remain.

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