Sunday, September 12, 2004

- WebScheduler
There is a problem (short-term) with the XMLTV grabber for the UK (from the Radio Times site). This lead to a user of that to ask if DigiGuide could drive WebScheduler.
WebScheduler is a utility that can drive some DVB cards - some of which are already supported by DABDig but everyone can choose whatever they want of course!
A had a quick look at it and could see that it was pretty likely that it could be driven by DigiGuide directly by using a conventional Marker Alert. Worked out the probable syntax but it turns out that WebScheduler counts months from 0 - so made a quick update to DABDig so that it could fire a modified URL at it.
Yet another hack - but will basically work. Just waiting for the requester to make direct contact so that I can send a copy to try.

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