Thursday, October 16, 2003

- Matrox G450 eTV
Over the weekend, went to see someone with the Matrox card. Found couple of small changes to make concerning registry handing. Issue remains though with trying to determine how to make an active PC-VCR/PC-VCRScheduler recognise the updates. If you scheudle without them running then it works fine.
Made Beta 10 available and had feedback that it worked (apart from when the Matrox software is running - as expected).

Comment from DigiGuide forum that the file name is not being set correctly. Code looks right - but perhaps something has changed with more recent versions of ATi MMC. Will make a new configurable item to choose different formats for some of the fields and see if that helps or hinders and will adapt the code based on feedback.

- myHTPC
The instructions that I wrote in April have a typing error - a critical "." v "-" error.
Have correct in my copy of the readme - but need to upload to the myHTPC site and the old password that I had in APril doesn't work any more. Contacted Pablo to another one.

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